(5390) Much Ado about Nothing


Much Ado about Nothing

by William Shakespeare

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MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING is perhaps Shakespeare's most perfect exploration of love. Through the trials and tribulations of a quartet of lovers and their friends and enemies we see love in all its absurdity and splendour, in all its tragedy and stupidity. We are all fools for love, ever were and ever will be. But that folly is esential to our humanity and without love we are mean and selfish and allied only to death. Shakespeare explores these great themes with a lightness of touch remarkable even for him, and creates in Benedict and Beatrice two of the most charming and spirited lovers in classical literature. Besides which the plot is almost perfect - combining high drama, great jokes and fabulous poetry in a dizzy sequence of scenes that leaves the audience torn between tears and laughter. If this is MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING then our lives and loves are indeed nothing - for this play lays life bare, then has the grace to laugh. (Paul Stebbings)