(7234) Baltic Sea Festival
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Baltic Sea Festival

3 Tage Festival Ticket 16:00 - 04:00

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Für das Baltic Sea Festival 2012 sind 50 Bands bestätigt: A Plea For Plurging, A Strength Within, A Traitor like Judas, Accept The Change, All For Nothing, Always War, Anchor, Awaken Demons, Backfire, Bedlam Broke Loose, Blackest Dawn, Blood Bydays, Bricktop, Cherished, Coldburn, Coldfront, Constellations, Count On Pride, Crushing Caspars, Dead Icons, Death By Stereo, Deez Nuts, Fatmans Warface, Final Effort, First Blood, Getwise, Ghostship, Ghostwriter, Ghostxship, Goldkids, Gruel Hand, Hoods, I Am Revenge, I Ve Got A Poem, Lasting Traces, Look My Way, Nasty, New Hate Rising, Out Of Step, Paura, Pay No Respect, Science Of Sleep, Strength, Trapped Inside, Vengeance Today, Violence Approved, Walking Dead On Broadway, wisdom in chains, World Eater, Worldxdown weitere Bands in Vorbereitung