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Dutch guitar player Jan Akkerman (1946) did almost anything a musician could possibly do. During half a century he worked with many different musicians like BB King, Charlie Byrd, Cozy Powell, Claus Ogerman and Ice-T, besides being a member of international leading bands such as Brainbox and Focus. Also, he made more than a dozen solo records that shows his versatile playing without any boundaries or limitations. Whether it’s ‘Tabernakel’ (1973), the famous guitar-in-bed album ‘Jan Akkerman’ (1977) or his most recent studio outings ‘CU’ (2003) and ‘Minor Details’ (2011), he explores and combines elements of rock, jazz, blues, classical and dance. Throughout his career, Akkerman appeared on worldwide stages. Besides gigs at the Montreux Jazz Festival, the North Sea Jazz Festival and countless tours around theatres and various stages, the guitarist also performed far beyond Europe in countries like Japan, Russia, Syria, North & South America and Indonesia. Meanwhile, international fans come from all over the world to see Jan perform on stage in The Netherlands. In his own country, Akkerman receives a Golden Harp in 2005 for his complete oeuvre and again gains recognition and sympathy for his distinctive role in guitar music by many people. Since early 2012, Jan lets old Brainbox times revive with the start of My Brainbox, featuring ex- Vandenberg singer Bert Heerink. This project was in celebration of his 50 years activity on worldwide stages. At the end of 2012, Jan is knighted in the Order of Oranje Nassau in recognition of his influential contribution to Dutch music. Jan also maintains designing his own guitar. In 2013, he draws out the new J.A. Personal II for Dutch company Brandin Guitars. The instrument is largely based on the Gibson Les Paul Personal that Jan played numerous times in the seventies. The guitar is manufactured in two versions: the J.A. Personal II Signature Black and the J.A. Personal II Signature Violin Sunburst. His latest cd/dvd-set ‘North Sea Jazz Legendary Concerts’ (2013) showcases the various sides of the guitarist with his band, compiled from three performances recorded at the famous North Sea Jazz Festival between 1993 and 2011. In 2015, Jan Akkerman embarks on a new Dutch theatre tour: ‘Back to Vinyl’. For the first time he performs the famous ‘guitar in bed’-album in its entirety, including classic tracks as ‘Streetwalker’, ‘Skydancer’ and ‘Crackers’. The seven songs from the album are supplemented by some new compositions and older favourites. Seeing Jan Akkerman live in concert is a refreshing and never-to-be-repeated fascinating experience. Being an authentic improvisator Jan shows his maximal capability and shares his affection on guitar with band members Coen Molenaar (keyboards), David de Marez Oyens (bass/percussion) and Marijn van den Berg (drums). What will be his next challenge? (Wouter Bessels)